Message From The President: Melanie Nau – 1/14

Hello a-fish-a-nados,

I am writing this as temperatures plummet again for the umpteenth time, and I am wishing for a way to protect my poor koi. T’is a pity to watch them numb from cold. It seems
each week they yo-yo from top to bottom of the pond. Some even flash for a day or two. See Ray Jordan’s wise advice on our winter woes:

Seldom recently has the water warmed to the mid fifties so they can feed, and then not too much as the biological filters are slow to process waste. Koi colors are terrific now, but their skin doesn’t seem as silky. Even after fifteen years of koi-keeping, I often feel inadequate to diagnose what is causing a change in appearance. I am so looking forward to our June 28-29 AKCA Health Seminar to shed light on what I see. In the meantime, I want warmer temperatures to arrive and stay!

February and March will be busy organizational months, so please join us at Scott and Linda’s home at 2:00 on February 16 for our first ‘whole club’ meeting. We can share opinions on all the upcoming koi sales, and decide if LSKC wants to ‘shop’ together!

The January business meeting was dynamic and as a result, several items targeted for action are already underway. Look for Joel’s website updates coming soon. You can help by sending fav pond/koi photos to me for him.

Stay warm,