Message From The President: Melanie Nau – 4/14

Hello a-fish-a-nados,

Although many of you spent Sunday with your families, those who did make our monthly meeting at the Bradley’s home had a blast. Karen has sent photos to Joel for our website gallery. You can see Andrew at the grill next to their polished slate pond containing zen-like koi in slow motion. Lisa kept everything flowing, so we did have time to identify volunteers (Dan & Andrea, Jamie, Pat & Buddy, Bruce, Ray, Lisa & Andrew, and Robert & Denise) for Nelson’s Garden Party this Saturday April 26th. Come on out and help us solicit for potential members too. Smile! Thanks to your help, this year’s pond tour promises to be even bigger and better.

Our next monthly meeting will be at Pat and Buddy Bush’s place June 15, when we hope to hear from Richard Black about pond construction. And the Pinders signed up for the July 20 meetup. We still need a host home for August, and then the Cooks will host September 21. That leaves October 19th open for someone who hasn’t yet shared their pond with us. Do we have a volunteer?

I’m getting feedback that several of you have registered for our June 28-29 WET LAB. Consider bringing along a microscope to share as we’ll be sitting two to a 30″x6′ work table. You should shop online to find a good one under $200. Mine is an AmScope BM-100FL. Call me if you want more info.

Saturday after the lab ends at 4:00, we have a cash bar reception across the hallway to meet and greet everyone from out of town or new to our club. Then our AKCA annual meeting commences at 7:00 where we will enjoy a dynamite Southwest buffet. See the complete menu posted on our webpage, where you find the registration form to complete and mail off to California. By the way, some have asked about rooms at the OMNI Houston (Galleria.) We have not contracted for a block of them as we are a social club and the minimum number necessary to reserve was too great an unknown. Therefore, you can select any place you prefer and book it through your favorite discounter!

See you soon. Karen and I hope to get by most of the ponds on tour this May 3-4!