Message From The President: Melanie Nau – 12/13

Dear A-fish-a-nados,

Let me begin by expressing my sincere appreciation for the Black’s gracious hospitality at the annual LSKC Christmas Party. The food, the setting, the wonderful congeniality and conversation were all quite impressive. The auction (which is a primary source for the club’s resources) was very successful. I’m sure everyone was able to find something that they just ‘couldn’t live without’ and came away with smiles over their new treasures. As an extra special bonus, we were able to assist Richard (Black) in blowing out the candles on his birthday cake. We look forward to seeing Richard and Artis again in March when they are hosting our monthly meeting.

Karen and I have posted pictures of the Christmas party on Snapfish and sent them out to the club members. If you did not receive them, perhaps they ended up in your Spam box since they were delivered through Snapfish, not directly from me. We have been using Snapfish to share pictures for years and have found it to be very convenient and easy to use. If you check the LSKC website after Christmas, you will see a couple of the photos from the party.

The next meeting for our club is Saturday at 1:00pm on January 11th. All members are invited, but it is not a regular monthly meeting; instead it will be focused on the May 2014 Houston Pond Tour. If you are considering showing your pond, or just have some interest in adding some insight, please feel free to attend. This meeting will be at our home at 6006 De Lange Lane, Houston, TX 77092.

The New Year brings three superb opportunities to purchase koi from Japan. All the details are in this newsletter. The first is coordinated by Don Bayer and offers jumbo tosai shipped from Shigeru in March. The second is The Heart of Texas Growout sponsored by the Dallas and San Antonio clubs whereby $100 gosanke tosai are selected at Water Garden Gems on April 11 and then judged in Dallas in September. Contact Ray Jordan by January 14 with your commitment.

The third method of snagging koi is the annual TKFGS Spring Sale, also at Water Garden Gems venue, held April 11-13. Andrew Moo brings some of the best he has selected from a variety of Japanese breeders with prices starting at $25 for the little guys on up to the hundreds for real beauties. I hope our club will spend a day or two there. More on that at our February 16 meeting at Scott and Linda Satorius’ home.

My thoughts are with you during this holiday season. May the coming year be filled with peace and joy for you and your families.