Message From The President: Paul Moss – 2/15

A somewhat belated Happy New Year to All. There’s a fair amount of info in the letter, so please read and for heaven’s sake. come to the meeting!

Best to all


Apologies for the delay in getting the January letter out especially given the fact that it’s early February. Currently attempting to reformat the “old” templates that are a 20 year hodge-podge of various and sundry programming to such an extent that it resembles a sort of Frankenstein newsletter. If anyone has any sort of talent or skills in this department and would like to pitch in, let me know……..please!

OK, let me give you a brief synopsis of what be been going on behind the scenes. We held and Officer’s meeting in mid-January to essentially brainstorm a cohesive path for the club in the upcoming year.

Andrew Bradley, our Treasurer has been doing a spectacular job in ensuring that we are compliant with the IRS for our tax exempt status, and straightening out our status with the State which seems to have expired quite some time ago.

I have been negotiating with the Japan Festival that is annually held in Herman Park, which would be excellent exposure for us, but this would depend on them obtaining corporate sponsorship for us.

We’ll have a food buy deal of various types straight from Japan, in fact the same food that MAJOR breeders use, at less that wholesale, closer to distributor pricing.

We’re trying to arrange Dianichi or another major breeder come to us at the end of the year. (Octoberish)

There’s a chance of a show in Houston as we are in discussions with another club in a Texas city to alternate shows.

We’ve also signed up with Amazon Smile that will donate a portion of every purchase to the club

There is a great deal happening and we need you all to be a part of this! Come to the meeting and we’ll share the details and ask for your input.

Membership Dues for 2015 are due!


Sunday February 15th.

HOSTS: Scott and Linda Sartorius

ADDRESS: 1650 Neptune Ln.

Houston, 77062


TIME: 2:00 – 4:00 PM

Please bring an item for the buffet, and in Scott’s own words: “We’re gonna have gumbo, rice and French bread for the main course at the meeting. Of course my excellent beer selections. I’ll even have Miller Light for those with no taste.”