Newsletter Editor’s Message: Paul Moss – 1/14

Newsletter Editor’s 2014 Opening Message

As I write this, I am in Connecticut as a result of my grandson deciding to enter the world a little earlier than scheduled, and my wife and I are working away helping out around the house with various and sundry duties. I mention this as being in the Northeast, the weather (at least for this Texas boy) is abysmal. Melanie’s complaints pale in comparison to what I’m experiencing now. The reason I mention this, other than a forlorn hope in gaining sympathy, is to point out just how lucky we are in our part of
the world when it comes to our hobby. One of my daughter’s neighbors has a ‘pond’. At least that is what she says it is. When driving by, all I could see was a hole in the ground with a sheet of ice covered in snow. We are at least able to enjoy our ponds and fish year round without the incredible labors involved in keeping a koi pond in this Eastern climate. In conversations with a fellow koi keeper in NY, this time of year he has to keep them in a heated pool in his garage, all with a separate filter system etc. and just mark off the days until spring. We might indeed have bumps in the road, with the occasional spat of miserable weather, but reality dictates that we’re pretty lucky.

We had the officer’s meeting at Melanie’s house the early part of the month and really feel that we’ve kick started this year with many positive changes and a revamped
website as an added bonus.

Won’t be seeing anyone at the Feb meeting at the Sartorious’ but Scott and Linda are always the greatest hosts with a nice relaxing pond to round out the day. Scott has
informed me that the main course will be a Seafood Gumbo.

Best to all
Paul Moss