Newsletter Editor’s Message: Paul Moss – 5/14

Newsletter Editor’s Message

Ahhhhh. the warmer weather is upon us, the gardens are recovering nicely after the freezy winter, and the koi’s metabolism is starting to kick into high gear. Now is the start of the ‘growing’ season and it’s an opportunity to slowly start increasing their food intake and number of times per day, albeit a reduced portion if one has the opportunity to provide multiple feedings. This gives the koi sufficient time to absorb the proteins and nutrients, thus reducing wasted food that would otherwise pass through with no benefit to the fish and increasing waste load in the filters.

With the warming temperatures, the koi’s resistance to bacterial and parasitic infections are lowered and we have had several instances of member’s fish becoming sick the past few weeks. Please do not be afraid to contact the membership to either ask questions or seek help. There are several among us who have many years of experience who can offer guidance or actual physical help.

The April meeting was held at the home of Lisa and Andrew Bradley for the first time, and what an absolutely wonderful pond/living area they created. Everyone was amazed at just how nice it was, with several of us wondering as to how we could move into the pond area and set up residence. We were all in agreement that every pond should have a brick oven for pizza and a huge built in roasting rotary spit oven should one wish to cook up half a cow and the Bradleys have managed to accomplish both. Their pond was perfect, gorgeous fish and crystal clear water. Well done and thank you for being members of our club. Pictures from the meeting have been posted to our website.

The Pond Tour was a few weeks ago and from all reports, it was successful. A big thank you to all who participated.

The AKCA WetLab is just around the corner next month and if you haven’t signed up yet, do so! All the details and appropriate forms are on our website.

The next meeting with be held on Sunday June 15th. at the home of Neil and Marybeth Miller
Address: 27310 Keystone Bend Ct, Spring, TX 77386


Refer to our website for map and directions

Look forward to seeing you all


Paul Moss