Newsletter Editor’s Message: Paul Moss – 12/13

Wonderful 2013, and the new year looks to continue the growth of the club and various opportunities to add to our enjoyment of the hobby.

Buried within this month’s newsletter, there are three notices regarding special one time koi purchase notices from friends within our circle. If interested or just have any questions, please contact the related person for details.

Articles! Photos! We need these for the website and newsletter. Some of the photos on the website are over ten years old and this year, we intend to revamp the site. My desperate pleas for either continue to be ignored. My email box is empty! I feel so unloved and you all know just how sensitive I am!

Colder weather is upon us, so watch your water temperatures and feeding regimen. Frankly, I’ve had enough of the cold and am already looking forward to Summer. Of course, when Summer is here and the temperatures are through the roof, I’ll be whining for winter’s return. I have a succinct feeling that I am not the only one of us who possesses this trait.

A very happy, healthy and prosperous new year to you all.

Paul Moss