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Present The Annual Water Garden And Pond Tour

May 3rd and 4th, 2014

From all members of both the Houston Pond Society, and the Lone Star Koi Club, thank you for attending our 2014 Water Garden and Pond Tour. This annual event was a self-guided tour of 22 of our members private water gardens and ponds. There was everything ranging in size from small backyard garden ponds and patio fountains, to the huge multi-pond landscapes, complete with koi ponds, waterfalls, and everything else imaginable in between.

Photos from some of the ponds can be found in our Pond Galleries page.

These were all residential landscapes and the idea was for guests to come spend a pleasant weekend talking with the homeowners to get their firsthand insight about koi, water gardening, ponds, and landscaping. See how they did it, what they started with, and get their experience about the complete journey. What they would do differently, what their successes (and failures) are, and learn about their enjoyment with the finished product. Actually, all members will tell you that these are works in progress and are never really finished. We had many guests who visited our water gardens and koi ponds and were absolutely delighted at what they saw, and how restful and serene these gardens and ponds make you feel.

Guests may also have gotten ideas about water gardening and ponds of their own. Come join in the fun and friendship of the Lone Star Koi Club and the Houston Pond Society.

Everyone seemed to have a great time. We hope to see you on next year’s water Garden and Pond Tour the first weekend in May 2015.

Happy ponding.